first-ever enamel pin release from artist Glenn Barr at PinzuCon on Saturday, July 21st, at The Rust Belt Market in Ferndale. Glenn will be on-hand from 11am-1pm. Get some flair!
( there will be other GLBARR merch available as well, more info coming soon )

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Glenn Barr, devNgosha, and William Wray are three artists who share an affinity for 1960s cult film characters and subculture. Tomorrow, they join together at Merry Karnowsky in an exhibition of new works that elaborates on their inspirations. We first featured Glenn Barr’s nostalgic portraits in HF Vol. 10, which range in emotional appeal and design. His background in graphic novels has progressed into a unique style that combines cheesy glamour with scenes based in modern reality. With the concept of “communication” as a central theme for these new pieces, we find them talking on rotary telephones. His compositions are more intimate than previous works, cropping into the face of his subject to focus on her expressions. William Wray’s works are intimate in another respect, as he portrays well known superheroes like Batman and Spider-Man in their private life. Rather than the glorified portrayal we are used to, Wray shows them having a smoke on the street or waiting for their laundry to dry. The most playful and abstract representations are by devNgosha (Devon Liston and Gosha Levochkin). Their latest paintings are vibrant, visually layered portraits, such as oldschool cowboys and a Transformer on a dry Los Angeles-backdrop. One piece pays homage to Belgian artist René Magritte, whose paintings continue to inspire the entertainment world. Surreal, ironic and emotional, the three artists offer a remixed version of Hollywood that is more genuine than it is kitsch.


Glenn Barr "Glitterland"
In his debut exhibition with KP Projects/MKG Glenn Barr’s narrative backdrops feature women embroiled in the subtle complexities of everyday life. Inspired by cult films of the 1960s and 70s, the hauntingly beautiful figures in Glitterland exude the sensuality and tension found in pulp art or film noir - an uncertain reality that extends beyond the frame. The exhibition is not only a visual paradox of the cheap glitter of Hollywood glamour, but a glimpse into the private spaces of communication embodied by anonymous heroines whispering into telephones of a by-gone era. Barr began his artistic career after graduating from Detroit'’s College for Creative Studies. For the past two decades he has contributed to numerous graphic novels, animated cartoons, and rock poster art. He has exhibited extensively both in the U.S. and abroad.


Hello everyone, welcome to the new site. There are many things on the horizon for 2014 & 2015. So right here we'll be keeping you informed on all the latest up coming exhibitions and projects. There will be a new print releases every month or so .... and we'll let you know thru this site and on FB when they're due to drop.

To launch the new site we're offering 3 NEW prints! The one print titled "10pm" offered in our store is from the 2013 group exhibition Risque' at the Long Beach Museum. We're offering 2 sizes on this. The other print titled "Waiting Again" is produced at almost actual size. It is a small and intimate piece that was in my Brooklyn show at the Cotton Candy Machine. The quality is very high on these limited edition pigment prints. We're quite proud of them.

10pm - large format - edition of 20   

10pm - small format - edition of 50

Waiting Again - edition of 50

hope to see you back again and thanks for the visit - glenn